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DISCLAIMER: The information on this website of Brent M. Lamkin of Nichols & Eberth, PC Law Offices is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice. All client's legal situations differ and a personal legal consultation and assessment is unique from one client to another.

Federal laws requires that we provide the following notice: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
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Creditors and collection companies are not allowed to harass or threaten you

By law creditors and collection companies are only allowed to call you during certain daytime hours if they are pursuing payment for a debt. If they are recording a phone call they must tell you. Creditors and collection companies are not allowed to tell anyone else (except the person they are trying to collect from) the purpose of their phone call. Find out your rights.

Stop collection calls. Sleep at night. Find out your rights. Call now toll free(888) 571-5700

Speak to Brent M. Lamkin, attorney-at-law, regarding your specific financial situation. Mr. Lamkin will give you a free expert legal consultation of all of your options. Brent Lamkin will tell you what creditors and collection companies can and can not do. He will also tell you how you can restore your credit again. The more information you have the easier it is to go to the next step! Brent Lamkin will give you a free expert legal consultation and will tell you all of your available options to resolve you debt issues.

Debt Settlement/Debt Relief

Debt settlement allows the consumer debtor to payoff a debt to a creditor without resorting to filing bankruptcy. This can result in less damage to one’s credit score. It can also free up money from your budget to save or payoff other debts that you may have.

It is fairly common for consumer debtors to have an excellent credit score but be carrying a rather large debt load.   Sometimes the minimum payments for these debts become too much to bear and a creditor goes unpaid. This can lead to collectors hounding the person for payments and ultimately suing them for the unpaid debt. Once a judgment is obtained by the creditor, then they can start collecting from you involuntarily --- by garnishing your bank accounts, paycheck or tax refunds. This can cause havoc with your ability to pay other bills and push you towards an unwanted bankruptcy.

If you contact us before this process gets to the point of a lawsuit, then you can often avoid the additional fees that the creditor tacks onto the bill for their attorney fees and costs. Using a lawyer to work out a resolution with the creditor is better than negotiating on your own. When the creditor knows that you have a lawyer, they will not be able to resort to intimidation tactics on you to get you to agree to a payment you cannot afford, or be able to “sweet talk” you into giving up information that they will use to their advantage in trying to collect from you.

At Nichols and Eberth, PC, we can help you explore debt settlement as an alternative to  bankruptcy. With the assistance of an able attorney, we can work out affordable and reduced settlements that resolve the issues with pesky creditors BEFORE they put you into a situation where bankruptcy is the only viable option.


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